Founded in 1990, Africa Paints has grown to become a respected manufacturer in the South African market. Backed by industry leading accreditation (SABS, ISO-9001 & SAPMA) Driven by an unwavering passion for quality, the company now producers a rich portfolio of brands people love.Our team of experts are at the forefront of product development, continuously creating new, better paints. While our assertive marketing is ensuring our brands win at point of sale .


Customer Satisfaction isThe benchmark for success.. Providing best-in-class customer service was a result of innovation & dedication from our talented employees. For these passionate change makers no business challenge is too big & no customer too small.. The business paradigm was reinvented
- putting people first. .


Quality is the lifeblood of Africa Paints. Our demands are rigorous & our standards are exacting. We have partnered with the best supplies of raw materials, adopted ISO-9001 protocols & developed an air-tight production process to make our paints great. Each batch of paint is microscopically analysed to ensure our characteristic high standards are met. High quality paints have greater coverage & longer-lasting finishes. But our paints do more than save cost, they help save the environment. .


As a manufacturer we are committed to creating eco-friendly products with the minimum impact on the world we share. We strive to make our products & practices cleaner & greener.. All our paints are environmentally friendly & lead-free, made with low VOC technology & safer greener alternative to make the world a better place. .